By Alexandria Hoff

SOUDERTON, Pa. (CBS) — “My son came home very upset. He wouldn’t eat; it was strange, ” says the father of a Souderton Area High School student, who asked not to be shown.

He says his son was shaken by a project on display in his school lobby, a globe, where students were asked to write down stereotypes that plague countries.

“It says AIDS, but fried chicken, Africa, fried chicken… I’ve never made the distinction.”

Also written in bold on the continent of Africa, a six letter word starting with the letter “N.”

He says his son told him in a predominately white school, he felt mocked.

The school gave Eyewitness News this statement: ‘Unfortunately, the placement of the museum exhibition did not provide the full context of the program.  For some, this turned an event designed to promote conversation and understanding into a hurtful and offensive incident.’

The student’s father says, “If I was part of this conversation to see what the intentions were, I probably would’ve voted against it.”

But those at Pearl S. Buck International feel differently. The exhibit was created under their watch by students through a diversity outreach program.

Laura Lomax says, “I had a knee jerk reaction, but in context, I understood it.”

They say the student curators meant it as art, demonstrating how slur words are misused to define cultures.

Janet Mintzer says, “The globe, with how the different words that are used, shows that. And there was a chart that showed that the words were hurtful. There was an explain action next to it, but I don’t think that was really read.”

The globe has been removed from the high school.