By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A plaque was dedicated today in honor of America’s first city flag.  Guess where?

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The next time you jog up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, take a moment to notice the azure blue and golden yellow flag on the righthand side.  It’s Philadelphia’s “civic” flag.

The plaque honoring the first city flag in the United States is now installed at the base of that flagpole.


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(Photo by John McDevitt)

(Photo by John McDevitt)


“We’ve got a Philly flag,” says Brenda Exon, with Partners for Civic Pride.  “It has a beautiful message: Philadelphia Maneto.  Translation: Let brotherly love continue.  That is your city motto.  It’s beautiful,” she adds.

The seal on the flag contains one woman representing peace, who holds the charter of William Penn illustrated with an “anchor of hope.”  Beside her, another woman holds a cornucopia, representing plenty.  Above them, an arm of justice holds a scale.

“It gives you the whole message of how we should live our lives,” Exon thinks.   “With peace, hope, justice, and prosperity, we can let brotherly love continue.”

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Creation of the first Philadelphia flag was inspired by the Reverend Dr. Henry C. McCook, 120 years ago.