By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Eagles’ selection of Nelson Agholor meant a reunion for Agholor and former USC quarterback Matt Barkley. The two played together at USC in 2012 during Agholor’s freshman season and Barkley’s senior season.

During that time, Barkley had a recurring piece for USC Athletics, “Barkley’s Breakdown.”

The Eagles quarterback was joined by Agholor on “Barkley’s Breakdown,” after they played Stanford in 2012. Check out Barkley and Agholor breakdown some of their plays from that game.

Barkley and Agholor start things off by breaking down a big play connection between the two and then tackle a bad play in which they were confused by the defensive coverage.

Barkley was on hand at the Eagles’ facility to welcome his former USC teammate and new Eagles teammate to the nest when he arrived on Friday.

Perhaps the reunion could lead to a revival of “Barkley’s Breakdown.”