PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Police are investigating after they say a shot was fired and and a young girl was injured Saturday night in West Philadelphia.

“A seven-year-old is holding her head screaming. She has blood on her hand,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker.

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This was the scene Saturday night at 53rd Street and Haverford Avenue in West Philadelphia.

CBS 3 Eyewitness News is told an unsuspecting driver briefly stopped his car to unload something — his three, five, and seven-year-old daughters sitting in the backseat.

Police believe the stop at a normally congested area may have triggered the gunfire from an inpatient driver.

“We think a car that may have been stuck in traffic and may have been frustrated with the male slowing down because of the congestion over there pulls by him and fires from the car,” said Lt. Walker.

Police say the bullet pierced the back passenger side window of the car, narrowly missing the two other children. Police have been scouring the neighborhood looking for surveillance video that may lead them to the shooter. Right now they only have a vague description of a black car seen speeding off.

“People out there may know who’ve done this and may know who has this dark colored car that was in that area. We believe there was two or three people in that car,” said Lt. Walker.

Police say the child was taken to the hospital.

Police say at first it was thought to be a laceration due to the breaking glass, however, upon further examination, a projectile was found lodged in the child’s skull.  Police say the projectile was from a bullet.

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The seven-year-old girl is expected to be okay.

“She was walking around the hospital. She seemed to be in good spirits, probably doesn’t even realize what happened here,” said Lt. Walker.

Police are urging anyone with information to come forward.







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