By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Ten US military veterans, all formerly homeless, graduated today from a job training program during ceremonies at a center city Philadelphia hotel.

The five-year-old program helps these men and women rebuild their lives by getting the skills needed to handle a civilian workplace.

One graduate, Andre Hargrave (second from right in photo), says he had a lot to learn after his time in the Army.

“First of all, how to calm down,” he admitted.  “How to be not so ready to just run or do something.  To have faith that the things we were working toward were gonna work out for us.”

He’s currently applying for work and expects to land something soon.

Another new graduate, Ronald Mimms (third from left), says the training program — sponsored by social services agency Project Home and by Peco, the electric utility — saved his life.

“It was a real dark time,” he recalls.  “My hopes weren’t all that great for the future.  And the program came along and gave me an opportunity to get back on my feet.”

And back into the working world, at a local hotel.