By Walt Hunter

LOWER MORELAND Twp., Pa., (CBS) — Monday morning’s heavy rains brought water rescue crews to the 2600 block of Philmont Avenue in Lower Moreland around 10:15 a.m. where a driver, and her two pet dogs found themselves trapped in rising flood waters.

Eyewitnesses tell CBS 3’s Walt Hunter that fire rescue crews were able to get the driver onto the roof of the car where, after giving her a life jacket, they were able to lead her to safety unhurt.

The driver’s two pet dogs, in the car as water rose ever higher, were also pulled to safety.

Police and eyewitnesses believe rising flood waters concealed a drainage ditch, making it appear to be parking of a parking lot where the driver was heading.

Christin Vargo, who works at the World of Animals Veterinary Hospital nearby, helped rescue workers with the two pets, who were wet, shaken but otherwise unhurt.

By late afternoon, the vehicle had been towed out of the watery ditch. Hours after the incident, the stream only a couple feet wide and a few inches deep, a sign of just how quickly flood waters can create a dangerous situation.