By Gary R’nel 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The horde of media in foot pursuit of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Scooby van as she arrived at a campaign event in Monticello, Iowa was appalling. The image of what seemed like a bunch of juvenile delinquents run amok reminded one of screaming girls chasing Justin Bieber outside a concert hall. This journalistic stampede was disgraceful and embarrassing. The visual was degrading and demeaning to professional journalists.

The van pulled up to a back entrance of Kirkwood Community College leaving those “journalists” in the front of the building stunned and disoriented. Inside the school, Clinton spoke to students and discussed her reasons for running for president.

Media reporter Alex Griswold writes MSNBC host Thomas Roberts seemed to enjoy giving a live commentary. “That guy in the orange pants is pretty quick. I’m looking at these people — wow! Orange pants, he’s really outnumbered now by all the people racing to the back.”

This unprofessional trivial pursuit by the lapdogs makes consumers of the news more weary and distrustful of the profession.