By Tim Jimenez, Jan Carabeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police say this morning they recovered the vehicle they were looking for, a Ford Edge that investigators say ran over a four year old boy in Southwest Philadelphia Monday night.

Now, authorities say they found that car in a parking garage near Love Park.

“My understanding is that she contacted her attorney, who then contacted our accident investigation division, and we recovered the car,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said on Wednesday morning. “We’re working through the lawyer now for her to turn herself in. It’s good that we’re able to bring some closure to this. It’s just an unfortunate tragedy.”

Police say the boy ran into the street on the 1600 block of 57th street on Monday night, when the vehicle ran him over without stopping. The child was rushed to the hospital where he died.

“We actually send messages out to our officers too. You know, you’re patrolling up and down the streets, you’re responding to calls, and there are a lot of kids out and kids just dart in front of vehicles,” Commissioner Ramsey said.

“It’s unfortunate, and for parents, if your children are going to be out, be close to them and again, do everything you can to teach them about how to not do that sort of thing because it’s very, very dangerous. And it’s just unfortunate,” said Ramsey. “I mean a four-year-old, they’re not thinking. You know, run out in front of a car and now you’ve got a family who’s mourning the loss of a child. A person who left the scene who’s now going to face charges. And it’s just not a good situation.”