PROVIDENCE, RI (CBS) — Parents, do you ever let your kids take a sip of alcohol when you’re enjoying an adult beverage? Well, according to a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, early sipping of alcohol may make youths more likely to drink in high school.

Researchers say data was taken from 561 students enrolled in a web-based study on alcohol initiation and progression. The participants were given surveys asking whether they sipped alcohol before the sixth grade.

The research found that about 29.5 percent of participants sipped alcohol by the fall of sixth grade and most indicated that they took the first sip at their house.

Additionally, the research says the primary source of alcohol was usually a parent.

The study found that those who sipped an alcohol beverage by the sixth grade had greater odds of consuming a drink, getting drunk and drinking heavily by high school than those who did not sip any alcohol before sixth grade.

Researchers say the study results suggest that “offering even just a sip of alcohol may undermine messages about the unacceptability of alcohol consumption for youth.”