Philadelphia (CBS) – Rich Zeoli talked to former Congressman and Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan, who has joined the board of advisers for Countable, a smart phone app and website that allows people easy and understandable access to pending congressional legislation and lets them directly contact their representatives.

Runyan stated this project gives everyone the opportunity to better participate in the legislative process and make their voices heard in Washington.

“It’s kind of a great synergy of everything. Obviously, even for the younger generation to be able to be in a social app like that and be able to see the legislation, the text, to be able to see the pros and cons of it, right there in the main feed. Then you’re going to have your Congressional Budget Office estimates…Also, right at your fingertips, the ability to send that message on that specific issue right to your member of Congress and/or your two Senators.”

He commented that users will be able to target specific concerns that matter most to them.

“You can really, independently, think for yourself. I think that is one of the biggest things. I think we rely on too many media outlets pushing a lot of ideas down our throat. What do you really care about? Pick the issues that you want. That’s a great thing about the platform. You can pick by what’s current, what’s trending or you can go in issue by issue. You can do foreign policy. You can do defense. You can do social issues. You can go in it that way and filter through actually what is being proposed and what’s moving.”

Countable is available for download now on smartphones and is online at

Runyan also said he understands what Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has been trying to accomplish since additionally taking over as General Manager at the end of the season.

“I think when you really step back and look at what they’re going through, people got to remember that we went through this when Andy Reid first got hired. The thing is, he did it year one, not year three. Like anything else, when you come in, you’re going to want your own people there. Obviously, [Kelly has] bled a lot of talent the past few years, but anybody that’s going to come into an organization, they’re going to want the people that they want around.”