By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you plan to do some spring cleaning this weekend, there is a local charity that wants your old shoes.

Owen Ware is a Temple University senior and an ambassador for Soles4Souls Philly. He says the non-profit wants to collect one-million pairs of shoes by Earth Day on April 22nd:

“There’s more than 300 million shoes that go into landfills every year, and it takes more than 40 years for them to break down.”

So, Soles4Souls wants to collect those shoes and give them to people in developing nations.

“They partner up with local people and they’ll give them shoes on credit and those people can then sell those shoes, give them some income and they can even barter with those shoes,” Ware explains.

You can drop off shoes at all United By Blue coffee shops and Little Baby’s Ice Cream locations.

“United By Blue has offered to give a free cup of coffee with every shoes pair donated, at all their locations and Little Baby’s Ice Cream has offered a dollar off each scoop of ice cream for each pair of shoes donated,” Ware says.

Additional information can be found on Facebook and on Twitter @soles4soulsPHL.