By Matt Rivers

BRISTOL, Pa. (CBS) — Ashley Reichard, 26,was charged Wednesday for her abusing her 11 month-old daughter and lying to investigators about having ovarian cancer, according to court documents obtained by Eyewitness News.

It was July of last year, investigators say, that Ashley Reichard beat her 11-month-old daughter.  A criminal complaint lists the injuries, including a broken thigh bone, two skull fractures, a broken jaw, and multiple burns, among others.  Police say they were clear signs of abuse, and pinned them all squarely on the 26 year-old mother of two.

“I’ve been a pastor for 47 years and I’ve never seen anything like that personally.  When you read about it it’s horrific,” said Paul Fedena, a neighbor.

Police conducted an investigation for months, even bringing the case before a grand jury for review.  Investigators said Reichard tried to pin the crimes on others, and lied to investigators several times throughout the process.  She was arrested earlier this week.

“I didn’t think she’d be capable of hurting her kid,” said Jessica Cubberly, who knows Reichard well.

In addition to the abuse, police said Reichard lied about having ovarian cancer, shaving her own head and eyebrows as part of the ruse.

Officials said she did this to gain sympathy and avoid prosecution.  She also claimed cancer treatments caused her to miss several appointments with her parole officer.

Jessica Cubberly considered Reichard a friend, and thought the cancer was real, until Eyewitnes News told her what the police suspect.

“Unbelievable,” said Cubberly.  “Wow she really pulled one over my head.  Because I really thought she was telling the truth.”

Reichard’s two children are currently the subject of custody hearings, to determine where they will end up in the future.