By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Penn State’s president told state lawmakers yesterday the university will make an effort to “minimize” bad behavior linked to fraternities associated with the school. But he says it’s a challenge.

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Fraternities have been making for some bad headlines recently, including one at Penn State accused of posting photos of nude or partly-nude women, some of whom were apparently asleep or passed out.

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At state budget hearings, Penn State President Eric Barron said the school has an obligation to try to minimize such behavior, but also indicated there are limits to that.

“For example, at Penn State, those fraternity houses – if you take a fraternity example – are off campus. And we don’t own the property. And we don’t have authority over those properties. And those are adults… and we actually by law have to treat them as adults,” he said.

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Barron has formed a task force to examine frat issues but says with more than 95,000 students, his bet is there will always be students who do stupid and mean things.