By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In today’s sports landscape, especially the NFL, staying in one city for an entire decade is rare. Frankly, it’s nearly impossible.

Trent Cole, a 2005 fifth-round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles, accomplished that incredible feat. However, a few days ago the Eagles’ second all-time leader in sacks signed with the Indianapolis Colts. On Friday, Cole said goodbye to Philadelphia.

“I just loved coming to play the games because the fans is one of my biggest reasons that I liked to come play every Sunday,” Cole told Michael Barkann and Ike Reese on the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show. “Fans are very loyal. Crazy, loyal and they’re some of the best fans out there. Philly is a great place to play. I think the new guys coming in there that’s going to be playing for the Eagles this year, we’ll see how the fans embrace and how the city of brotherly love really is.

Listen: Trent Cole on the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show


“It’s a city, they do love their sports,” Cole continued. “They love their teams, they love their players. And like I said, it was a great time there and I couldn’t say thank you enough to all the fans out there, Eagles fans all around. It’s been a great time. I gotta move on and, you know, after I move on someday I can comeback and reunite with the Eagles fans when it’s time to go retire. So, like I said, it’s been just a good ride, man.”

Reese, who like Cole wore No. 58 for the Eagles, praised the two-time Pro Bowl defensive end.

“I’m being honest with you when I say this,” Reese said. “I’m not saying this just because you’re on the phone. Made me proud to have worn the number 58. He did it real proud out there and it’s his number and I’m proud to have worn it prior to Trent Cole wearing that number.”

As for why Cole left, like it usually does, it came down to money. The Eagles saved $8.425 million on their 2015 cap by release the 32-year-old.

“We were trying to restructure my contract and I was all for restructuring,” Cole admitted. “We just, pretty much—my agents and Chip [Kelly] didn’t come down to an agreement and we just said, ‘Hey release me.’ And they said, ‘OK, we’ll release you.’

“Pay cut, just a major pay cut,” Cole said, when asked what the Eagles wanted him to do. “And I was like, ‘OK. I know what I have left in me.’ I’m pretty real about myself, because I’ve been playing so long. I know when to quit and when I know I can’t perform. My best is still going good and I felt good the two years playing in that 3-4. I knew that there are other teams out there that would be happy to bring me in.”

Barkann ended the interview with a simple thank you to one of the all-time Eagle greats.

“It’s been great ride watching you my friend,” Barkann said. “Just a great ride watching you, number 58. We appreciate it Trent.”