By Dom Giordano

9:00-Hillary Clinton‘s press conference at the UN about her personal emails.

9:18-Some Democrats having a fight in this to help themselves in 2016.

9:34-SAE fraternity in Oklahoma having 2 members suspended yesterday for the racist video surfacing.

9:38-Bill Kristol and Joe Scarsborough putting some blame rappers like Waka Flocka Flame for SAE’s video.

10:00-Moorestown Police eyeing to stock up on military grade equipment for the department.

10:20-Instead of heavier equipment for police; increase number of police officers and resources to catch criminals.

10:35-Angelo Cataldi joined to discuss the trade of Nick Foles for Sam Bradford.

10:49-Chip Kelly genius or madman?

11:00-Robert Doar of American Enterprise Institute, joined discussing the lack of child support payments under the Obama administration.

11:08-Elongating the welfare state under the Obama administration by not being stricter on child support payments.

11:15-The AP suing the State Department to have access to the emails sent out by Hillary Clinton.

11:39-Hillary on sending on average 38 business emails a day when Secretary of State.

11:48-Senator Tom Cotton challenging to debate Vice President Biden on a deal with Iran.