By Kristen Johanson

By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s 22nd police district, located in the heart of North Philadelphia, is mourning the loss of Officer Robert Wilson the third.

Members of Mothers in Charge dropped lunch off today at the district and had an important message to share.

It’s been two years since Officer Moses Walker was killed.

Just as the wounds are starting to heal, the same district is in shock with the murder of Officer Wilson.

Walker’s mother Mrs. Wayne Lipscomb and other members of Mothers in Charge stopped by the district headquarters to drop off food.

“He did was he was supposed to do,” Lipscomb said. “He got up in the morning, he put his uniform on, came to work, serving the city of Philadelphia. And for this to happen, it’s a tragedy.”

The group stood with the officers, shoulder to shoulder and prayed for the violence to stop.

“We are mothers who have lost children, we understand that pain first hand.” Director and Founder of Mothers in Charge Dorothy Johson-Speight says, “We wanted to offer our condolences to the family, and also to pray for police throughout the city, as they often times put their lives on the line.”

Lipscomb spoke on what the community needs to do to stop the violence.

“It’s not the government officials no more, we can’t say it’s them. They’ve done their part. Now it’s our part, as the citizens of Philadelphia, to do what we need to do.”

A memorial fund has also been set up for the family of Officer Wilson and a service will be held for the community on Sunday at 10am at Saint Martin de Porres Church in North Philadelphia.