By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It has been a tough couple of days for Philadelphia and its police department with the loss of Officer Robert Wilson III. Officer Wilson was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in North Philadelphia Thursday. But for the 22nd District, located at 17th Street and Montgomery Avenue, it may be a bit tougher.

Philadelphia’s 22nd Police District is one of the most violent places in the city. Vice President of the Philadelphia FOP Jon McGrody says the district is a tight-knit group who have learned to lean on each other for support.

It’s a tough district to work, it’s a rewarding district to work. They’re real and they’re getting through it,” McGrody says. “This is particularly difficult, because this is a district that lost two police officers in as many years.”

Officer Moses Walker was a killed in 2012 by two men trying to rob him down the street from district headquarters. McGrody says although the district has been rattled by another death, it remains strong. The community has rallied behind the officers, stopping by to show their sympathy.

“In a high crime area, the officers have to depend on each other even more,” he says. “The outpouring of support from that community to the district has been unbelievable.”

McGrody says the officers are thankful for all the thoughts and prayers.

Members of the Philadelphia Police Department have set up a trust fund for Officer Wilson’s family.