If one looked at professional lacrosse player Paul Rabil, one of the last things that might come to mind would be that he is a part-time disc jockey.

It’s true. In fact, Rabil spent a whole year trying to master his new hobby.

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“Probably about 5-6 years ago, I was at a few shows and I started paying attention to DJs and I was kind of like, ‘Hey, that’s something I could do for fun.’”

While Rabil enjoys mixing music for fun, he added he doesn’t extend his passion for it beyond that.

“In no means do I consider myself a professional DJ, but I have done some really awesome shows in some big clubs in DC and New York,” Rabil said. “It’s purely a hobby.”

Professional lacrosse is more than a hobby for Rabil, obviously, but he has allowed himself to let his craft and his hobby intertwine. His favorite song to come out to before a game is “If You Smell” by Jim Johnson, which is an ode to WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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“I’m not Rock, but do you smell what the Rock is cooking to come out to, it’s pretty emphatic,” Rabil said.

When Rabil is training, he goes with something more heavy like System of a Down. But, when he wants to get his mind right before a game?

No one else but Taylor Swift.

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