By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

RADNOR, Pa. (CBS) — Radnor police say they intercepted several fake driver’s licenses that were headed to local college students, thanks to an odd coincidence. They’re using the incident to warn parents about how easy it is for their underage children to get fake IDs through the internet.

A website based in China makes it easy to get the fake IDs. It even offers discounts for purchasing in bulk.

Radnor Police Lietuenant Chris Flanagan says four students ordered together.

“Their goal was to be able to enter liquor stores or bars and be able to drink.”

Flanagan says their mistake was in choosing which of them to get them shipped to.

“Kind of the irony is the subject’s name was Dean, so when Dean got his package mailed to him it went to the head of one of the programs at the University.” Who then opened it in good faith and discovered the IDs.

Flanagan declined to identify the students. They weren’t charged because they never got the IDs. He also declined to identify the university they attend, but there are only two in Radnor, both religiously affiliated.

A student at one says the group may not have missed out on much, anyway, since local bouncers are onto fake IDs

“Most of them you can’t use them because they don’t work here, not in most bars.”