By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Wednesday will be a cold, quiet day across the Delaware Valley. Highs near 30 will feel rather mild compared to earlier this week, as well as to what lies ahead.

Sun will give way to clouds later today, and an arctic cold front will move through the area around nightfall. It will bring snow showers, which will be light and brief, so only a dusting or so is expected. The passage of this arctic front will reinforce that frigid air, yet again.

Highs on Thursday and Friday are unlikely to reach 20 degrees. Winds will once again be a factor, and it’ll be blustery both days. Wind chill advisories are in effect for the Poconos beginning tomorrow morning, with wind chill watches taking effect Thursday night (the Lehigh Valley is also included in the watch as of now). Lows on both Friday and Saturday morning could be record-breakers., and even as we ‘warm up’ a bit by Saturday afternoon, light snow returns to the picture for Saturday evening.

At least we have Sunday to look forward to – highs in the 40s and snow changing to rain!