By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As we should be used to by now, we have another wet weather system moving in for Monday. This one, like the last several, will be short on snow and long on forecasting challenges.

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Temperatures – how low they go when and where – will be the tricky part. After a mild day on Sunday with temperatures around 50 this afternoon, the wet weather will approach from north to south. Generally, most everything holds off until after midnight with this slow moving system, but under the cover of darkness, surface temperatures will fall to the lower 30’s in Philadelphia and below freezing north and west. That is why there is a Winter Weather Advisory that begins at 6pm in the Poconos, Midnight in the Lehigh Valley and 6am Monday for counties north and west of Philadelphia.

It ends at 6am Tuesday. At this time, Philadelphia is not included in any advisory as our temperatures to begin with (on ground warmed slightly by Sunday’s high) will lead to rain.

As the day goes on Monday and colder temperatures are drawn in north to south, our rain (by afternoon) could change to sleet and freezing rain, with a chance of snow, too, at night. The icier side of this storm could make for slick travel right to the shore later in the day on Monday. The evening commute has the potential to be more difficult in parts of the area from Philadelphia east than the morning commute.

It is a stay tuned kind of storm, one that doesn’t show all its cards early. In any case, amounts of anything – snow or ice – should be very limited, but ice doesn’t have to be thick to be slippery.