By Pat Loeb

FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa., (CBS) — Local police are offering their parking lots to residents who want to make a Craigslist exchange without risking their safety.

Falls Township police made the offer to residents through social media. Chief William Wilcox says it’s not a guarantee you won’t get hoodwinked on the merchandise, but it should improve your physical safety.

“It’s well-lit and we have cameras all over the parking lot and it’s well-advertised on the marquee in front of the building that it’s a police station,” said Chief William Wilcox.

Wilcox says the department hasn’t dealt with any Craigslist-related crime but there have been numerous incidents in the region, from simple theft to assault and even the murder of would-be buyers lured by ads on the website.

“People that are going to do something that isn’t on the up and up aren’t going to do it at a police station,” said Wilcox.

Conshohocken police have made a similar offer, but Wilcox suggests using any police lot for an exchange.