By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Yesterday’s abortive snowstorm, combined with all the anticipatory brining and salting performed by municipalities across the Delaware Valley, today was creating a boom for car washes in our area.

The line to get into the Spring Garden Wash and Lube, on Spring Garden Street near 12th, extended through the parking lot, out the driveway, and down the street past 11th.

Owner Bernard Hopkins, the light-heavyweight boxing legend (wearing orange vest in photo), says it always gets busy like this after a storm.

“It gets around the block, sometimes it gets further,” he noted.  “Sometimes the cops come out and play traffic cop. Sometimes they’ve got to come out and direct traffic.”

Hopkins is proud that his business provides hand-washing of vehicles, rather than mechanical brushes.

“Quick and thorough.  That’s what people like, I believe, because we have the same customers for seven years,” he noted.

One of those return customers was Don, who brought his van in to get a good scrub.

“Gotta keep that salt off it, that’s the main thing,” Don agreed.  “The rust gets under and, you know, it’s bad for the metal and stuff on the car.”

And with another storm on the way toward the end of the week, Hopkins is expecting a very busy weekend at the car wash.