By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – City Council President Darrell Clarke says council has every intention of working with Mayor Nutter this year, even though Nutter has had a rough relationship with Council and is in his final year in office.

With Mayor Nutter a lame duck, Clarke says City Council will pay him mind.

“I don’t like that term ‘lame duck,’ but I understand that’s pretty much what he’s viewed as. But until that mayor leaves office, it is our responsibility as a council – and mine as the council president – to work with that mayor, to move forward to enhancing the lives of the citizens of Philadelphia.”

But with that said, Clarke, meantime, spelled out Council’s agenda for the coming session. He said the coming months will be dominated by the issues of school district funding, a proposal to mandate earned sick leave, and a renewed debate on the future of PGW – and he expects collaboration with the mayor.