By Ray Boyd

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Bocce, or “Italian lawn bowling,” as some like to refer to it, is not often seen as a trendy sport that young people are playing. One organization is blowing that notion out of the water.

Major League Bocce Philadelphia is becoming one of the city’s best social opportunities for young people that are looking to come together, have a good time and play a sport that involves less athleticism than most, but still provides the fun factor that people want when socializing.

Sarah DeLucas of Major League Bocce joined the crew on the latest Sports Beyond Measure Podcast to talk about the unique league and the opportunities it can provide for people who wish to play and just have a good time.

“That is one of the biggest reasons to sign up,” DeLucas said of coming together and having fun in a social environment. “What sets us apart from other social sports leagues is that it’s actually a game that every person can play.”

LISTEN: Sarah DeLucas talks with Vince Quinn and Ray Boyd on 94 WIP’s Sports Beyond Measure Podcast

DeLucas also emphasized the league’s ability to bring people together with their friends while they also make new ones. She explained that players will often congregate at local bars following games and the competitiveness of the games never gets in the way of the social mission of the league.

A player does some measuring while taking part in Major League Bocce Philadelphia. (credit: Sarah DeLucas/Major League Bocce)

A player does some measuring while taking part in Major League Bocce Philadelphia. (credit: Sarah DeLucas/Major League Bocce)

Major League Bocce takes place at a number of locations throughout the city and sometimes they have to work a little bit to make their games happen.

“We get pretty creative,” said DeLucas in terms of where they play. “Typically our biggest leagues are played outdoors in parks and those leagues take place in the spring and summer.”

In the fall and winter the weather elements often make bocce outdoors a little difficult. DeLucas talked about the league’s major innovation to solve that problem.

“We’ve developed an indoor bocce court,” she explained. “We set them up at bars, so they’re actually in the bar. These courts actually accordion fold out into bocce courts.

“Most people when they first see it they don’t understand what it is, but then when we show people what we’re trying to do people get really into it.”

DeLucas also stressed that the league is totally refuting the notion that only older people are into bocce.

“What Major League Bocce has been able to do is kind of turn that stereotype on its head and bring bocce to a lot of twenty-something and thirty-something people,” DeLucas said. She added that the average age of their players is around 30-years old.

During her time on the podcast, DeLucas also decided to make a special announcement regarding the upcoming spring season for Major League Bocce Philadelphia.

“I’m very excited to announce our newest location which is actually going to be at Dilworth Plaza.”

Winter leagues for Major League Bocce Philadelphia are getting set to begin this week, but are all sold out. Games will be taking place at The Field House in Center City and at Cavanaugh’s Headhouse near South Street.

Major League Bocce originally began 11 years ago in Washington D.C and came to Philadelphia in 2011. It has since grown to a number of cities throughout the country and continues to grow right here within the City of Brotherly Love.

To find out more about Major League Bocce Philadelphia and about how to register to play, visit their website. Spring registrations are set to begin soon.