3:00 A radical cleric has called the latest cover of Charlie Hebdo an ‘Act of War.’

3:35 Fewer people are going to the movies and cite rising ticket prices as a reason why.

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3:48 A newspaper in Boston mocked Speaker of the House John Boehner after a bartender threatened to poison him.

4:01 The Seattle City Council has changed the definition of paying for sex and has severely increased the penalty for doing so.

4:20 Nancy Grace and rapper 2 Chains debated legalizing marijuana.

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4:40 Companies are requiring employees to participate in wellness programs or penalizing them financially.

4:59 An Ohio man was arrested for an ISIS inspired plot against the US Capitol.

5:03  A Bucks County guidance counselor was fired for a post on Facebook.

5:35 Rich talks to Ariela Migdal from the ACLU about her representation of a woman fighting to keep her job while she is pregnant.

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5:48 Rand Paul said in a radio interview that Mitt Romney is yesterday’s news.