By Rich Zeoli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, Rich Zeoli talked to former FBI Agent John Guandolo on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about his book, Raising a Jihadi Generation.

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Guandolo insists this attack that killed 12 people was part of an orchestrated effort being carried around the globe.

“This is not a disparate group of individuals that are randomly attacking things. There is an international strategy to this…100 percent of our enemies say that they are waging jihad in order to impose sharia and establish the global Islamic state, which is the caliphate and they say that it is a requirement to wage jihad until the entire world is under sharia. While all this all this going on, we have senior Islamic clerics speaking very calmly and rationally that this is a command, the sharia, it is a requirement, that a capital crime, slander in Islamic law is saying anything about Islam or the prophet that a Muslim would dislike and it’s a capital crime, a crime punishable by death. This is not the first time people have been killed for this. We have news media across the globe, it’s been documented by a number of organizations, every time somebody in the media or in theater or in any group like that that’s putting out a message has been threatened.”

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He thinks it is only a matter of time before another disastrous terror attacks happens again in America.

“If the average citizen knew what it takes, for instance, to do surveillance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week on one person, the man power required to do that, we don’t have the manpower to handle even the top guys, so we have to take much more aggressive action here in the United States but we don’t want to do it because we don’t want to be perceived as heavy handed. In the end, it’s going to cost us; I think tens of thousands of lives because we don’t want to do the things that need to be done to protect the republic.”

Guandolo said the only way to prevent more violence is escalate the direct confrontation of terrorist groups.

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“Until we actually recognize this is a unified, global movement that we are engaging and until we actually realize if we do not take actions now that are much stronger than the ones we’re taking, that it’s going to come to a point where we’re going to have to be engaging them in a constant violent struggle. Whereas there are actions we could take as United States, as NATO to really put the hammer down on these guys now.”