5:30am- Jeff starts the show talking about a man who was fatally shot by police officers yesterday in Drexel Hill. While resisting arrest, Joseph Pacini turned his vehicle into a weapon and threatened to kill police officers. Jeff thinks there should be more outrage over the fact that cops are now constantly under attack.

6:00am- Jeff continues to discuss what he sees as a war on cops. He hates that the media is portraying police officers as crooked and racist while simultaneously giving a pass to the real criminals. He also finds it discouraging that the government still hasn’t commented on the situation.

6:45am- CB3 Meteorologist Katie Fehlinger checks in to let us know what kind of weather we can expect for New Years.

7:00am- National Association of Police Officers Executive Director Bill Johnson joins the program. Bill and Jeff both agree that President Obama needs to speak out against the most recent attacks on law enforcement.