By David Madden

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey’s controversial red light camera program will expire at midnight tonight. But it’ll take a while to wind things down.

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Some two dozen towns across the state, including six in South Jersey, are shutting down those cameras and taking down warning signs.  But that doesn’t mean violators won’t get a ticket in the mail soon.

“Municipalities have 90 days to issue a citation and will be allowed to do so for any alleged violation,” notes Steve Schapiro with the NJ Department of Transportation.

He advises that you check the date on that ticket, though, just to be sure it’s legal.

Critics have suggested the cameras were used as cash cows by some towns, while supporters claim those cameras enhanced traffic safety.

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Schapiro’s agency is compiling final numbers to be made public at some point. There’s a push to renew the program, but governor Chris Christie has hinted he would veto any such measure.



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