By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We don’t think of musculoskeletal pain in children but it occurs more commonly than you would think.

Sixteen percent of children will complain of limb pain at one point or another. When children have pain for more than a short period of time, parents often use the term ‘growing pains,’ but there are other concerns. Short term aches and pains are not a big worry but when they last more than a few days they can be of concern.

If a child has persistent pain, you should definitely talk with your family doctor or pediatrician. Usually, if a child has a specific point that hurts, a certain area you can push on where there is pain, it can indicate an injury or an overuse problem.

One of the more recent issues is with kids overtraining – focusing on one sport for that elusive college scholarship. We have to be carefuthat as parents we don’t push them too hard.