By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Today, on National Recycling Day, the Philadelphia Streets Department held a celebration at Dilworth Park.

Streets commissioner David Perri says 2013 was a record-setting year for a city that was among the first to institute a recycling program.

“(Last year) 20.55 percent of the city’s household waste was recycled,” Perri said today.  “This equates to 128,000 tons of materials being diverted from the city’s waste stream last year.”

But this celebration was also about looking ahead.  Informational tables were set up to spread the word and encourage people to do more.

“Philadelphians have been doing a great job of recycling, but now we have to make sure that people are recycling right, which is one of our messages today — to make sure that they know that plastic bags and styrofoam can’t go in your recycling bin,” Perri said.

Peco has also jumped in with a $50 offer for old, energy-guzzling refrigerators, and a $75 rebate for customers who buy new “Energy Star” low-energy refrigerators.