ASTON, Pa., (CBS) — As the old saying goes — timing is everything!

And if there was ever any doubt about that, ask this family from Delaware County.

Wednesday, that family expanded by one and the newest arrival took it upon herself to decide when she would enter the world.

For baby Kailynn, the outside world just couldn’t come soon enough.

In fact, she wasn’t expected to arrive for another week, but around 8 a.m. Wednesday:

“We have to go right now and I could barely get that out. I mean it was full fledged labor pain,” mother Melina said.

So she jumped into the car with her mother-in-law, Anne, for the race to the hospital.

But somewhere between Chichester and Riddle Hospital in Delaware County along Concord Road, Melina knew she couldn’t wait and the two called 911.

“There must have been a certain sound that I made you know on the phone that the 911 operator told her to pull over,” Melina said.

“I kept saying, where’s the ambulance, where’s the ambulance,  and I didn’t hear anything. So I was like OK, she’s telling me, get the baby,” Anne said.

But when Anne got to the backseat:

“Her head was halfway out and then I just waited a minute and she turned her little head to the side and I reached for her and she just came right out into my arms,” Anne said.

“That motherly instinct took over and she took her out and was just like, here you go,” Melina said.

Anne said she was so nervous after the birth that she couldn’t even text her son to tell him what had happened, so she called her daughter to ask her to do it.

Tonight, mom and baby Kailynn are both doing well.


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