By David Madden

SEWELL, N.J. (CBS) — More than a hundred social workers and school aides attended a conference this morning at Rowan College at Gloucester County, centering on addressing the growing threat from “cyber predators.”

County health officials brought in homeland security experts who shared what they know about pedophiles and cyberbullies.

Danielle Gallo, who deals with kids in the National Park, NJ school system, says social media can — and often is — abused.

“Kik (video messaging app) is one of the things that we hear a lot in schools that kids are using to cyberbully,” she noted today.

So, she and others pointed out, parents really need to know where their children are going online and who they’re talking to.

Even online games can be a problem, according to Kristen Wilson, a social worker in Gloucester County.

“Learning how predators can actually get to children through that has been eye-opening for me,” she acknowledged today.