By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Housebreaking should never become a stressful situation. Your dog just needs the correct path to learn. Remember, your energy is reflected to your dog so you need to stay relaxed and positive.

Your dog, no matter what the age, from puppy to adult to a senior dog, is always ready to learn and can always be housebroken. They innately want your approval and want to please you. It’s our responsibility to show them the clear, concise and direct path to help them learn most efficiently.

All dogs need structure and clarity. Keep your dog on a regular schedule for walks and always let them out after feeding; this goes for ALL ages and especially puppies.

If you find an accident inside, do not get flustered or angry, simply lead your dog to the appropriate area outside. It’s extremely important to do so calmly. Never ever punish your dog for soiling, (especially the inhumane act of pushing their nose near it!) It is not only unethical, but also extremely futile and destructive as it teaches your dog more fear and instability and thereby creates future negative behavioral issues that you created!

Look for your dog’s signals of when he/she needs to go out, aside from the usual times. Be observant as they try to communicate all the time.

Do your part to keep them on a daily schedule and provide enough opportunities throughout the day for them to go out. Continuity and structure will help your dog to stay on a daily schedule and to feel more stable. This will enable your dog to directly alert you when he/she needs to go out as well.