By Stan “The Grand Imperial Poobah” Hochman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — (Editor’s Note) Stan Hochman, a Daily News sports columnist for 55 years, has been appearing on 94WIP’s morning show for over a year now, settling disputes (and starting new ones) as the “Grand Imperial Poobah.” He brings that persona to on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we welcome input on which issues you want the Poobah to take a good, hard look at. Send requests and ideas for The Poobah to 

Without further ado, here’s The Poobah.

Phil E. Phan: With the season opener looming, what does the Poobah think of the 76ers’ roster?



Poobah: The Poobah tries not to think of the 76ers roster, but when he does, he takes a cynical view. It would appear that the Sixers are determined to put the worst roster ever assembled out there this season. It would appear that they would not mind if they lost 74 games and won only eight. That would make them the all-time losingest team in league history, eclipsing the old mark of 9-and-73 held by this franchise.

Why would they do something as hideous as that? So they can someday claim they’ve gone from “worst to first.” They have taken the most painful approach to improving, back-to-back seasons of tanking in an effort to grab a blue-chipper in the lottery. And while the Poobah is sick of the scheming, he applauds the NBA’s decision to leave the lottery rules alone, for the time being.

You do not change the rules while the game is going on. If they want to change the rules beginning the following year, okay, teams will have received enough warning. The half-time entertainment had better be sensational this season or those woebegone Sixers will be playing to an empty house.



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