By Chris Stigall

Chris Stigall talked to Governor Tom Corbett on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about his campaign for re-election against his Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf.

Corbett, who has consistently trailed Wolf in the polls, said he feels the election beginning to swing his way.

“We’re closing in very hard. The numbers are closing very much. I look at the polls only because they continue to see a huge Democrat turnout in a mid-term election in the second term of a President and if you understand history at all, that just isn’t the case. It’s not going to be the case in this election, particularly with the unpopularity of the President at this point in time. What we know from our polling and from using a lot of the science that’s been developed using the internet with the behavioral matrix and so forth, the numbers have been closing rapidly. We feel the momentum. I feel it personally out there.”

He stated that getting Democratic voters to cross over and vote for him will be the deciding factor.

“There are many Democrats that are going to vote for me. A Republican state wide candidate does not get elected state wide without Democrats coming across the aisle and voting for us. It’s happened every time I’ve run for office. Every time I’ve run for office I have been behind in the polls until the very end and go ahead, frankly, on election night and that’s exactly what’s going to happen again.”

Corbett claimed Wolf will have to raise taxes to follow through on all his campaign promises.

“People understand that, right now, taxes are the issue in Pennsylvania. He’s promised to raise taxes but he won’t tell you how much. He’s promised to raise spending but he won’t tell you how much. We’ve had to go through what he said he was going to do. It’s $6 billion in more spending. That means $6 billion that he has to raise in taxes.”

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