PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – State Senator Scott Wagner spoke with both Chris Stigall and Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about a letter he sent to Republican Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi questioning his leadership and relationship with unions.

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Wagner asserted that Pileggi is out of step with most of the Republicans in the State Senate and should therefore step aside and let someone else assume the leadership position.

“He is not capable of leading the party, and he doesn’t have the same conservative values that most of the Republican caucus members have,” Wagner said.

He added that he was disappointed that Pileggi’s office released the letter publicly, rather than deal with the concerns Wagner wanted to address.

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“He chose, instead of responding, to release the letter or send it to the Republican caucus. It was sent through email to everyone in the Republican caucus and their staffers. As I’ve learned, there are no secrets in Harrisburg. I can assure this, we wanted a response, and I expected a response, and I did not hear from Senator Pileggi. As far as the letter getting to the press, I suspect he may have released it. This is the style that Senator Pileggi employed. He doesn’t want to talk about it.”

Wagner also stated that many of Governor Tom Corbett’s political problems heading into November stem from an inability to lead.

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“When you look back at the problems, he’s been stonewalled. The House and the Senate have both created a very large road block for a lot of stuff getting passed because of personalities and egos. Governor Corbett is a former prosecutor; he’s a lawyer. Lawyers are not trained to be leaders.”