PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  It’s a great week for wine and cheese lovers. Yesterday, a study said red wine is good for preventing cavities and now research is suggesting cheese is actually good for you.

The study says that eating cheese and other dairy products may help improve metabolism and lower individuals’ blood pressure.

More than 233 participants from Canada were part of the research and they each consumed 2.5 portions of dairy products daily.

The study found trans-palmitoleic acid, which is present in cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products, was related to lower blood pressure in the men and women and lower weight in males.

The research also suggests dairy intake can be associated with lower blood glucose.

While dairy is usually considered high fat, most dietary guidelines suggest that consuming 2–4 portions of dairy per day is part of a healthy diet. And as we all know from the “Got Milk” ads, it helps maintain healthy and strong bones.

So go ahead and put some extra cheese on your nachos. You earned it!

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