By Ukee Washington

By Ukee Washington

GERMANTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Face to Face Germantown is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping anyone who walks in the door. For years, students from La Salle have lent a helping hand.

It looks like a cafeteria, but to the people here, this is family meal time.

Beverly Treadwell said they like to “play around, laugh, and joke.”

Dexter Herbert of Philadelphia said, “It’s like another family.”

Four times a week, Face to Face Germantown opens its doors at 12:30 p.m. to anyone who would like a meal. They can serve from 100 to 325 people a day. Most are men, sometimes homeless, sometimes transient, but always greeted with open arms.

“Even if their home situation is a little chaotic, at least they come here and there is some stability,” said Tara Monihan, director of social services at Face to Face Germantown.

Willian Nordt of North Philadelphia has been coming multiple times a week for four years.

“People think you come here because you need food and that’s not why I come here,” Nordt said. “It’s just the socialization of people and talking to people.”

On this day, students from La Salle University are serving the food. It’s part of their campus service group Pheed Philadelphia.

Jillian Lucanie, a speech pathology major and Pheed Philadelphia coordinator, said, “The goal is to raise hunger and homeless awareness on campus and in the community.

We serve the meal, but we also talk to people here, get to know them. If I was in need, we would want the same thing.”

Face to Face Germantown has been serving food since 1985. It has only two full-time staffers. Every other employee is part-time. Their only sources of funding are donations and grants.

“We would not be able to survive without our volunteers,” Monihan said.

Face to Face also offers art classes, children’s programs, legal help, and a part-time health clinic, but perhaps the most fun is lunch.

Face to Face Germantown can always use donations both of money and things like toiletries and grocery gift cards. To help, reach them through their website,

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