PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Excessive selfies are undoubtedly annoying, but have you heard of “gloaties”?

That’s what consumer multimedia software provider Cyber Link is calling “boastful vacation photos” posted to social media, and the company is claiming that those photos can actually push some followers away.

According to research the company conducted with the help of YouGov, 14% of smartphone users who also use social media would block or unfriend someone if they posted too many vacation pictures, and 25% would consider it.

Meanwhile, the company also says 25% of social media users with smartphones post photos of their travel destination within one hour of arrival. Nine in ten Facebook users also said they post holiday pics to the site, making it the number one platform on which to preserve those vacation memories. Top vacation selfies were taking a picture of yourself in sunglasses (18%), followed by group selfies with friends making silly faces (17%) and selfies with a cocktail (16%).

“Our social news feeds are dominated by ‘gloating’ photos of friends and colleagues on holiday, and while capturing photos and sharing them on social media has become an integral part of the vacation experience – there is a way of doing so without annoying friends and family,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink, on the company’s website.

“[Vacation photos] are a great source of enjoyment for the individual taking the photo, but are sometimes a point of irritation for friends back home and at work,” she adds.

Cyber Link says friends and family tend to like “gloaties” where those in the picture look happy, genuine and natural.

There’s no word on just how many “gloaties” is too many.

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