PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall spoke with reporter Sharyl Attkisson on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the latest revelations in her investigation into the terrorist attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

Attkisson said that her source believes an Accountability Review Board was established so the State Department could gather information from their own employees.

“The ARB was convened, basically, to pre-interview State Department officials to find out what they would tell Congress. In other words, in his view, four of those five ARB members who were appointed by Secretary Clinton were operating, largely, on her behalf.”

She insists that the President’s movements on that night still have not been accounted for.

“The biggest outstanding question to me is still the timeline of what the President and his advisors did that night. I don’t know why that’s supposed to be a mystery. I don’t know why that public information about what our Commander-in-Chief did while Americans were under attack on foreign soil; I don’t know why that’s supposed to be kept secret.”

Attkisson stated that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s answers, given both publicly and in her most recent book, often contradict each other.

“She was trying to imply that this was such a surprise; how could they have been prepared with a military rescue? Nobody was expecting it, and in the same breath, practically, she says ‘We were so well prepared, this being an anniversary of 9/11, we were on special alert, and we were prepared for special circumstances.’ Well, both of those things can’t be true, they’re opposites, and we’ve heard both of those stories from the administration.”