By Chris Stigall

6:00 – We open the show this morning with a clip from Joan Rivers Live on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967. Chris talks about Joan’s recent passing yesterday and talks about her comedy throughout the years.

6:20 – The governor of Delaware attached a photo of an Estonian model named Precious Little on twitter yesterday.  The tweet regarded a new plan to help disadvantaged students in the Delaware school system. The model was offended and Chris polks fun at the situation. He also talks about his new 60′ television he recently purchased.

6:50 – Steve Cordasco host of  “The Big Money Show” every Saturday mornings joins the program in-studio for the weekly segment “Finance Friday.” Chris and Steve talk about home financing, retirement planning, the adjusted cost of living for retired individuals and Steve’s new ‘Retirement Workbook’ found on his website.  For more information, head over to

7:15 – Colonel Tom Manion phones into the show during this segment to talk about the ‘9/11 Hero’s Run’ happening this weekend. The Travis Manion Foundation honors the sacrifices made by all of those who’s lives were lost on September 11th and those who’s lives were lost in areas around the world in the years after. For more information on the various run’s in different parts of the country, head over to:

7:35 – Another edition of “What’s Trending” on this Friday from Michael Cerio; Joan Rivers is the talk of the morning. Cerio talks about River’s funeral wishes, a Jimmy Kimmel bit during his show last night and a Ray Lewis statue erected in Baltimore.

7:50 – A recent news story reports that electric cars are not selling as well as car manufacturers had hoped. Stigall thinks electric cars are the dumbest thing on the road and that the gasoline resources saved by buying an electric car are replaced with a higher energy bill.

8:00 – NFL Insider Ray Didinger joins the show at the top of the hour. Chris and Ray talk the return of football but more importantly, Eagles football. Ray talks about optimism around the Birds, Super Bowl picks and Nick Foles.

8:20 – Library Lewdness! A news story coming out of Beaver County, near Pittsburgh, reports that a man exposed himself in a library as well as took videos of female library-goers. Chris hilariously comments on the report.

8:40 – Paige gives us the weekly “What’s On Tap” segment along with her news report.

8:50 – QVC’s Dan Wheeler joins the program to talk about Joan Rivers. Rivers was a major part in the early days of QVC. Dan reminisces about working with Joan, her personality and her comedy.

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