By Chris Stigall

6:00 – Chris opens up this morning’s show with a news clip from MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell citing an interview with Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) about male harassment on Capitol Hill.

6:20 – Chris gives his take on the Obama press conference yesterday. The President talked about the state of the economy, ISIS, and the problem between Ukraine and Russia.

6:50 – ‘Made In America’ starts on Saturday and runs through Sunday night. Stigall and the show discuss the acts playing each day. Chris tries to get a grasp on how the opening and headliner acts work and if Pharrell is considered a headlining act.

7:00 – Steve Cordasco, host of “The Big Money Show” on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, joins the show for his weekly Friday segment. Chris and Steve talk about Apple iPhone’s, as well as Apple software in general, and how it affects people’s wallets both positively and negatively.

7:20 – Tom Corbett’s application for Medicaid Expansion in Pennsylvania is in the news this morning. The application was approved by the federal government. Chris comments on the conditions of the application, most of which, was not what Corbett had asked for.

7:35 – Michael Cerio, executive producer of the show, chimes in with his daily “Whats Trending” segment. Cerio talks about Joan Rivers’ medically endued coma, Miley Cyrus’ posing nude and Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming children book, scheduled for release in November.

7:50 – More talk on Tom Corbett’s application for Medicaid Expansion. Chris takes some phone calls from the listeners. The PA governor claims he’s victorious over the White House. Chris and Debra from Langhorn think differently.

8:00 – Beasley Reece joins the show. The crew talks about players being cut from teams at the end of preseason. Beasley gives his take on the anxiety the players are feeling are the league right now.  Eagles kicker Alex Henry is also the subject of discussion and his fate as the starting kicker throughout the regular season.

8:20 – We rejoin President Obama’s press conference yesterday afternoon. Obama claimed they do not have a plan to deal with ISIS yet. Chris asks, ‘Are we at war [with ISIS]?’ Paige also comments on the President’s choice to wear a tan suit.

8:50 – The President has no plan of action for ISIS yet urges the American people to remain calm. Chris thinks this is the most ridiculous, yet most laughable moment in Presidential history.








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