By Steve Tawa

MALVERN, Pa. (CBS) — The criminal case of a Malvern man — accused of selling high-end wines from his home cellar rather than shipping it, as required, through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board — has been resolved.

But now he’s trying to win back his seized wine collection, before it’s destroyed.

After being accused of bootlegging, Arthur Goldman’s lawyer worked out an agreement with Chester County prosecutors that provides for having the charges dismissed and his record expunged after two years of probation.

Attorney Pete Kratsa says his client admits to selling four bottles to undercover state police.  But now, the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office, which seized more than 2,400 bottles from Goldman, estimated to be worth more than $125,000, has indicated it plans to destroy the entire seized wine collection.

Kratsa would like to work out a consent agreement under which some of the bottles were sold and proceeds donated to charity.  But, he says, much of it was Goldman’s private collection and was not subject to forfeiture.

“If they win, all the wine is destroyed,” Kratsa notes.  “If we win, all wine deemed to be contraband is destroyed and we get the balance back.”

The attorney general’s office had no immediate comment.