By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — At Laurel Hill Cemetery this evening, a new tour will focus on scamps and scoundrels, and the women who loved them.

“We have a list of what we would consider the most handsome men in Laurel Hill,” notes Laurel Hill guide Alexis Jeffcoat.

Unfortunately, ladies, these guys are all taken.  Which is to say they’re dead.

But Jeffcoat says their images and stories will still make you swoon.

Take, for instance the impossibly handsome Victorian-era cat-about-town known as Mahlon Heberton Hutchinson.

“Women adored him,” Jeffcoat says.  “He adored women.  And he was very wealthy and spent most of his time playing pool and seducing those women.”

He went one woman over the line, though, and was murdered.

Then there’s the ex-Civil War general who was, shall we say, a physical fitness nut.

“And he would send nude sketches of himself doing workouts.”

Sort of the Anthony Weiner of his day.

The tour costs $15.  For more information, go to

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