By Tim Jimenez

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Taney Dragons’ Little League World Series run ended with a 6 to 5 loss to Chicago Thursday night.

A group of supporters at a City Hall watch party left disappointed but still filled with pride.

Here at the Mayor’s Reception Room, a small group watching on a big screen saw the end of a journey that captivated the region. A once boisterous crowd left stunned.

But that silence quickly turned to cheers.

“We’ve got to be proud of the Taney Dragons,” one person said.

“Been a great, great time, and thanks Mo’Ne for helping Philadelphia see what’s possible,” another agreed.

“Win or lose, they’re still in the hearts of Philly people.”

And baseball dad Wayne Stewart, who was watching with his son, says Taney’s run may be over, but this team’s legacy will carry on.

“It will bring a whole lot more recognition to the Philadelphia baseball organizations.”

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