By Brad Segall

UPPER PROVIDENCE, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania’s attorney general was in Montgomery County today to meet with local law enforcement officials about how they can better work together to nab child predators — but also to show off a new, high-tech tool in the fight on crime.

Standing in front of one of two new mobile forensics trucks, state attorney general Kathleen Kane (far right, in blue jacket) talked about how those who prey on children are using the latest technology to find their targets.

She said police are trying to stay one step ahead, and this mobile lab will allow them to process evidence in a matter of hours instead of months.

“Rather than waiting for the evidence that we need to make an arrest of a child predator, we can now make that arrest within three to four hours, and we never have to leave the scene of the crime,” she said.

That, she says, will put predators behind bars faster.  And she proudly talked up her office’s 100-percent conviction rate and the more than 200 predators who have been arrested since she took office.

The trucks cost $150,000 apiece.  Montgomery County lawmakers Mike Vereb and John Rafferty were instrumental in securing the money.

[This story was revised to change incorrect information received from the Pa. attorney general’s office, later corrected.]