By Katie Fehlinger

By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The atmosphere is starting to moisten up, and you’ll probably notice it’s feeling a little more humid out there! But hey, it’s August in Philly! Frankly, we’ve been a little spoiled with comfortable air as of late.

The next two days feature what I call a “vanilla forecast.” Despite a relatively active pattern in the vicinity (i.e. stalled front, disturbances riding along it), we keep some sun, a touch of humidity and temperatures more typical of mid-August in the mid 80s both Tuesday and Wednesday.

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By Thursday, one of those aforementioned disturbances actually makes it into our area with more widespread showers and storms. At the moment, I don’t expect anything severe but we’ll update you if that should change.

Friday remains somewhat dreary with clouds and some residual rain or showers. In the meantime, temperatures will get held back to the lower 80s with more cloud cover and of course the precipitation limiting the sunshine.