COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A Pennsylvania woman’s four-month fight to get her dog back from a central Ohio rescue group has turned into a full-fledged legal battle and Internet war.

Veronica Covatch of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania has been trying to get her 5-year-old sheltie back since April, when she says the dog escaped from her friend’s backyard in Columbus, Ohio.

The 53-year-old Covatch says her dog, Piper, was picked up by Franklin County Animal Control and turned over to Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue in Columbus.

The rescue group and its director, Penny Sanderbeck, argue that the dog rightfully belongs to them and is accepting applications from anyone interested in adopting her.

Covatch says a microchip in Piper proves she’s the owner.

Covatch filed a complaint in Franklin County Municipal Court against Sanderbeck last month.

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