By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One of the ultimate signs of commitment to something is getting it tattooed on your body. Sports fans do this incredibly often with logos, players, and symbols that represent their favorite team.

There is nothing wrong with that act and if your someone who puts a lot of thought into making sure your ink has meaning, it’s actually quite admirable in terms of the level of your commitment to your team.

With that said, there is a trend that has begun recently that absolutely needs to stop. Predicting when your team will win a championship with a tattoo needs to go away quickly.

If your team is a contender, go for it. I still don’t like the risk involved considering that you still have to play the games, but whatever. If your team would be lucky to sniff the postseason, do not get a championship tattoo.

This Dallas Cowboys fan doesn’t seem to agree with that logic.

2015 Champs? I would never ask a fan to downplay their love for their squad, but lets be realistic. If the Cowboys make the playoffs this season, it will be a wild success.

Perhaps it isn’t fair to attack this guy though. There is a precedent for this.

Remember the Seahawks fan who hit the nail on the head with his Super Bowl tattoo last season? Then there was that Kentucky Wildcats fan who swore his team would win the 2014 NCAA Basketball National title. He wasn’t as lucky. Of course we can’t leave out the Sixers tattoo kid who may be the closest to the Cowboys guy in terms of odds on his ink bet.

This phenomenon has gone too far. It seems to have crossed the line between a genuine vote of confidence in your team over to the side of seeking out attention. At its core, it’s like buying a Super Bowl champion tee shirt a week before your team plays the game, only it’s going to cost your more.

The whole thing is either extreme dedication from a fan, or a sign of extreme stupidity. It may indeed be a little bit of both.

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